5 Simple But Effective Tips And Tips To Get Fit

Tips To Get Fit

Getting fit should not be difficult when you are disciplined enough to maintain and incorporate some fitness routines in your daily lifestyle. Here are some simple, yet efficient tips to get fit and maintain the fitness levels;

5 Tips To Get Fit

Never Stop Moving

Living a sedentary lifestyle while you sit in one place for several hours without moving your body, is one of the main reasons you can’t stay fit. You may have a regular workout routine plan, sitting down for too many hours a day will eliminate the gains of your workout. One way you can stay fit is to use every opportunity to move your body around.

Whether you are handling a phone call in the office, or you are sorting out a file, make sure you move your body around for about 5 minutes once in every 1 hour to stay fit and avoid chronic body pains. Standing, pacing, and even tapping your toes can help you lose a few hundreds of calories in a day which means you can drop up to 30 pounds of weight in a year, just by fidgeting.

Stretch Out Your Body

If you are looking for how to get fit speedily and maintain your fitness, you need to embrace body stretching mechanisms. You can perform simple stretching exercises such as throwing one leg on a bench and then trying to reach your knee by bending your body towards it. You can also stretch your body by standing on one leg and then pulling the other toward your chest.

With this stretching exercise, you can increase your range of motion by increasing the speed at which you pull the other leg to your chest, and you can switch in-between legs for better results.  Alternatively, you can pull heavy weights for a few minutes a day, in different directions, to stretch your muscles and tone up your body. Body stretching exercises are some of the best fitness routines that also helps you lose weight steadily.

Indulge in Swinging Activities

Swinging exercises can be fun and can also help you maintain balance while keeping your fitness. Occasionally, you should replace the dumbbells with the kettlebells because they help your stabilizer muscles to work harder to ensure that weight is evenly distributed to achieve a significant loss in weight. The Kettlebell can help you burn up to 300 calories just in 20 minutes. You can adjust the kettlebells from 1 to 20 pounds of weight, to achieve great fitness and stamina.

Hit the Floor to Build Your Core Strength

You can’t maintain fitness until you build your core strength. If you stopped doing those crunches or bored with planks, you can add the spider-like move for your workout which allows you to work all the muscle groups in your body at once. The sculpting spider inspired move on a flat surface floor is one of the coolest fitness routines you can add to your workout plan to achieve a great body core strength. All you need to do is to commence the exercise with a push-up position, simply lower your body as if you want to begin a push-up, and bring the right knee close to the right elbow. Push yourself back up to start and then repeat by bringing the left knee close to the left elbow.

Complete another repetition and do a total of 10 repetitions (5 reps on each leg) while switching from left to right and right to left. Doing this for about 20 minutes every day will help strengthen your core stamina which in turn will boost your fitness levels.

Start Your Day with a Cleansing Plan

One of the best possible ways of staying fit all day is to start the day with a detox routine. A cup of water with a ring of a lemon slice can actually help detox your digestive system and speed up your rate of metabolism. Improving digestion is one of the best and fastest possible ways of improving weight loss and boosting your fitness levels. You can also throw a slice of lime in place of lemon in your water in the morning for the same purpose.


Perhaps the easiest way of maintaining your body fitness is to indulge in exercises you derive fun from. If you enjoy swimming and cycling, for instance, you will be shocked to know that 1-2 hours of regular swimming and cycling will help you shed more than 400 calories, while you are having fun. You should also consider group fitness programs where you can get motivated by the other group members. Always keep in mind that keeping fit is not a short-term ambition, and it is not a get fit quick scheme thing, rather you should focus on a long term, yet steady fitness result that can be sustained.

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