Director of Leaving Neverland Pops up A Big Issue He Had on the Micheal Jackson Abuse Case


The director of Leaving Neverland Dan Reed has revealed that which he wanted to be answered via his Leaving Neverland documentary.

Dan Reed has come out to say the big question he wanted an answer to when he initially began his work on leaving Neverland.

The two-part special Dan did for HBO was anchored on the testimonies of James Safechuck and that of Wade Robson. Both of who leveled allegations of abuse against Jackson, claiming that he groomed and abused them while they were still his companions.

Reed who had previously confessed to not be sure at the beginning did not just want to know why they had to wait for two whole decades before they came forward.

He particularly wanted to know just why Wade opted to defend Jackson on the witness stand in his child molestation trial of 2005.

In one interview, Reed indicated that he hoped that his documentary uncovered some answers to the question. In the words of Reed “for me, that was one of the big questions the film haad to answer. Why wade and James didn’t say anything for so many years and why Wade took the witness stand in 2005 and uttered the words “Michael never touched me’.”

Reed went on to say that it was not quite easy for Safechuck and Robson to have their allegations shared.

Reed went further to say that the answer to the question is not quite easy as it is “complicated”, according to him; this is because you need to have an understanding of the psychology of child sexual abuse.

According to Reed, the matter was made more complicated due to the fact that Jackson also groomed the parents of the boys

He went on to state that must have all been deceived by Micheal Jackson and had made themselves to believe that whatever must have been going behind the walls of Neverland. To them, it must have just been innocent fun.

Reed went on with his narrative that the brothers, mothers, sisters, and fathers all believed it. Everyone was simply taken in.

Ever since the documentary premiered, Reed has been subject to a number of death threats from some of Micheal Jackson’s fans. Also, Jackson’s estate has filed a lawsuit against Reed.

Even in the face of all these, Reed says he stands by the whole content of the film.

He has also come out to say that he has two more documentaries which he intends to make which focus on the allegations made by some of the other accusers.

It would also be recalled that the Bodyguard of Micheal Jackson had earlier warned Dan Reed that he would be ruining his career. He shared a clip from a new documentary which he indicated may end up ruining the Directors career.

With new events unfolding about Jackson’s abuse story, it seems we may just have not heard the last of it.


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