Unending Battle: Chicago City to Sue Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett got himself into Chicago’s net when he filed a report at the Chicago Police Station on the 29th of January, 2019. In the report, Jussie alleged that racist hate attack was carried out on him.

After its investigations on the report, which by the way created a lot of outburst in the U.S., the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, Eddie T. Johnson, made a press release in February 2019, stating that the alleged hate attack was staged by Smollett to promote his career.

The press release led to a swift change in Smollett’s life. There was a nation-wide backlash on the Empire actor.

On February 20, grand jury of a Cook County in Illinois, found probable cause that the attack was staged by Smollett. A 16-count felonious charge was then filed against the Empire actor.

In a shocking turn of events, on March 26, all the charges were dropped by the prosecution, leading to a twist in the case. The prosecution claims that the decision was made after reviewing all the facts and circumstances of the case. This sparked another round of outburst in the country; even the United States President tweeted his reaction on this.

The Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Department of law have not hesitated to show their unreserved disgust at this recent event. They are poised to continue the unending battle between Chicago City and Jussie Smollett.

The Chicago Police have confirmed that a new investigation is to be opened into the alleged ‘leaks’ in the Smollett case. On March 28, the Chicago Department of Law made a demand on Smollett to reimburse the sum of $130,000, being the cost spent by the city of Chicago on Smollett’s case. The sum was to be paid within one week, which expired on the afternoon of April 4.

Smollett still maintains that he is innocent, and has refused to comply with the City’s demands. The public has now been informed that a civil complaint is being drafted. Chicago City will sue Smollett in the ‘near future’.


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